Code of Conduct

At Meta Film, we enjoy collaborating – we…

  • know that a fruitful collaboration is one of mutual desire, respectand honesty.
  • are somewhat of a boy scout, when it comes to transparency in all shapes and forms.
  • would rather be too honest than sly.
  • always seek a dialogue but are not afraid to speak our mind.
  • always give an honest response if we are asked and strive to be polite and as constructive as possible.
  • gladly help and share our knowledge and experiences – competitors included, and hope they would do the same with us.
  • are driven by talent and development, our own as well as others. We therefore strive to enhance our relations, productions and ourselves.
  • know our limitations and strengths and openly admit to them.
  • know the difference between the best and the impossible and only demand the former of ourselves and each other.
  • are of the opinion that business can be fun, stress however, is no laughing matter, we therefore expect our staff  to speak up if the work burden becomes too much.
  • are straight forward, non bullshiters and easy to understand.

Meta Films thinks young people are cool – we…

  • believe that rejuvenation and energy comes from the outside and think that the “newbies” in the business are a saline injection for the company and the network.
  • therefore offer guidance to mentees, interns and other new people in the business who seek our advice, knowledge and experience.

Meta Films think money are fun – we…

  • know that money can buy a lot of wonderful things in life but we know how to prioritize.
  • know that the money allotted to us are the movie’s and not ours. Our job is to mange the money and always does so with the outmost respect and responsibility.
  • provide transparency in our accounting, comprehensible vouchers and thorough budgets.
  • wish to make a profit for all parties involved and love sending money back to those who have trusted us and our projects.
  • do not use unpaid labour (unless it is a part of a course concession project) or pay under the counter. We do however; follow the law and regulations of our society.

Meta Film is a “green” company – we…

  • always opt for the organic choice and products that are environmentally friendly.
  • choose sustainable solutions for the economy and the environment’s sake. Outdated material is passed on and new purchases are predominantly bought second hand.
  • are Green Filmmaking in our productions.

CODE OF CONDUCT * may 2013 *